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Connect with your target market, the media, industry professionals, and most importantly customers, through the range of Public Relations, marketing, and communications services tailored to the shipping and logistics industry sectors.

At RTGC we are especially proud of our global media contacts. Our media contacts are the backbone of RTGC and, as such, we painstakingly update our contacts on a regular basis and follow up with career, job changes, media updates and publication changes on a regular basis.

In addition, the team of marketing and communication professionals have decades of industry experience ensuring your message is heard by those who need to hear it. 

  • Media relations

  • Press Release distribution

  • Local language translation

  • Website translations



RTGC specializes in media announcements,  industry websites, corporate magazines, social media, digital marketing, and events organizing -  we ensure your message reaches your target market and shares your brand message and image. Content research, drafting, and development

  • Content writing

  • Design & Production management

  • Website content development

  • Project development and coordination

  • Web Design and programming


RTGC offers a range of comprehensive and tailored services to support industry leader’s marketing strategies in Asia. which include but are not limited to:

  • Social media marketing

  • e-mail direct marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Event planning and execution

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