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Eye4Storage launches global warehousing marketplace

Independent platform gives businesses instant access to available storage space across the globe

Dubai, February 24, 2022 -- Eye4Storage today announced the launch of a new digital marketplace that matches businesses looking for storage and distribution facilities with warehousing operators around the world, a major advance at a time when warehousing vacancies in many markets are at an all-time low. Dubai-based Eye4Storage is a pioneer in developing tools for on-demand warehousing and warehouses for sale or rent. Its new space-matching platform will boost efficiency and utilization rates for warehousing operators while shortening search times and lowering overall costs for businesses with storage needs.

Eye4Storage founder Barry Dekkers said: “The Eye4Storage platform addresses the costly inefficiencies and obstacles in the global warehousing market. It gives warehouse operators the ability to find customers for unused space and assess demand before they undertake expensive expansion studies or start construction of new facilities. It gives customers the ability to do market and requirements-specific searches instantly, and lets them compare rates, start negotiations and act quickly to secure the space they need.”

Barry Dekkers, founder Eye4Storage

Eye4Storage enables businesses to search for facilities that meet their needs and allows them to look for space that is suitable in terms of location, size, environment, provider expertise, and other options, while also supporting sustainability and green logistics requirements.

“By providing a real-time overview and allowing people to apply a filter to match their needs, we reduce the time spent on finding the perfect facility and lower the amount of empty or under-utilized space,” Dekkers said.

Eye4Storage is an easy-to-use platform that lets warehouse providers list facilities for rent, sale or flexible, on-demand use. Companies looking for storage space submit searches and get listings of available space. The platform connects providers and searchers to allow them to negotiate directly.

The rapid growth of e-commerce and pandemic-driven need for additional inventory in many sectors have led to a shortage of available warehousing space in many markets. Eye4Storage was developed by a team of logistics industry veterans using their combined experience and knowledge of the market to create a technology-driven platform that allows providers and searchers to connect easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively. The company aims to enable the reduction of unused warehouse space across the world and contribute to a sustainable future.

According to research firm Interact Analysis, there were 150,000 warehouses and more than 25 billion square feet of warehouse space globally at the end of 2020. In spite of the global warehousing crunch, there is space available that is not being used or utilized efficiently.

Eye4Storage aims to bring clarity and facilitate both searchers and warehouse providers in this US$245 billion market that is expected to touch the $326 billion mark by the end of 2024, according to market intelligence firm Beroe. # About Eye4Storage Eye4Storage is a business-to-business platform that conveniently brings warehouse supply and demand together. It has been developed by a team of logistics experts that leverages industry knowledge and experience to serve searchers and listers in a better way. provides a real-time overview of all types of available warehouse space; from warehouses for rent and sale to on-demand warehousing. The company remains committed to enabling the reduction of unused warehouse space across the world to contribute to a sustainable future.

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