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CORE POWER announces participation in team to develop MSR technology in the US

CORE POWER (UK) Ltd ( today announced its participation in a leading international team with Southern Company (, TerraPower (, and Orano USA ( to develop Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) atomic technology in the United States.

“We're pleased to work with such outstanding partners in developing game-changing technology to help transport and industry transition to a clean energy future”, says Mikal Bøe, CEO of London-based CORE POWER.

The team has submitted its application to the US Dept. of Energy to take part in cost-share risk reduction awards under the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Programme to build a prototype MSR, as a proof-of-concept for a medium-scale commercial-grade reactor.

Please see attached the press release with the full details of the announcement.

CORE POWER announces participation in te
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