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Port of Rotterdam 2020 figures: Throughput recovers in second half year at the fully operational

Robust financial result establishes basis for investment agenda with strong impact

Europe's largest port has been operating 24/7 during 2020. Precisely in this corona year, when society at large has been severely disrupted, the port of Rotterdam has confirmed its role as a reliable partner in the logistics chain. Goods volumes recovered in the second half year, limiting the decline in annual volume last year to 6.9% by comparison with the previous year. The strong operating result has put the Port of Rotterdam Authority in a good position to implement an ambitious investment agenda in the years to come. That will have a major impact on employment, sustainability and society as a whole.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority's financial results were better than in 2019, mainly due to one-off income items and cost savings. The operating result before interest, depreciation and taxes was € 477.5 million (2019: € 433.4 million) and the net result was € 351.7 million (2019: € 238.9 million).

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