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Port of Rotterdam reduces frequency of COVID-19 meetings

Rotterdam, May 20 2020 - The Port of Rotterdam has reduced the frequency of meetings for the COVID-19 port consultation committee to once a week from daily meetings. The committee will continue to carefully monitor the situation and issue reports. The decision was made following a period of stability in terms of the impact the virus had on operations at the port and in the region.

“We have experienced unprecedented volatility in container shipping during the last two months due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Working with our partners in local and national government and our customers and stakeholders we have been focused on ensuring all of our staff and communities are safe,” said Hans Nagtegaal, Head of Containers, Port of Rotterdam. “We are now operating at pre-COVID-19 levels, although the container volumes are lower because of blank sailings, we are ready for when the markets recover,” he added. On May 13, the port recorded ship calls comparable to the same day 2019, although a storm may have contributed to some vessels sheltering at the port on that day. Allard Castelein, President and CEO, Port of Rotterdam Authority said: “In view of the economic significance of the port, it goes without saying that ship handling has been designated by the Dutch government as a vital process, both for the Netherlands and for consumers and producers in the European hinterland. Shippers, shipping companies, manufacturing industry, consumers: everyone counts on Rotterdam. “I am proud that the port industrial complex fulfils this important responsibility day after day. From shipping shed and rower to global players in container handling and oil refineries, they all contribute to this. Freight transshipment and production will continue unabated. The Harbor Master's Division ensures safety and order on the water. The port continues to operate and is operational 24/7”.

To download a copy of the press release, please click on the below document:

Port of Rotterdam reduces frequency of C
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