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SEDGE Launches to deliver a new era of AI solutions for Liner Shipping

Siruseri, Tamil Nadu, India

As Liner Shipping wrestles to manage the multiple challenges of this fast-changing sector, SEDGE has launched to empower liner operators to optimize decision making by leveraging Artificial Intelligence analytics. Liner shipping is a highly complex, regulated, and fast-moving industry involving multiple-party transactions across international borders. Outdated legacy IT systems and manual tasks now leave many carriers unable to effectively manage rapid changes in charter schedules, bunker procurement, container leasing, and even fluctuations in port service charges.

“For far too long, shipping executives have made multi-million-dollar decisions without having the right data and analysis to assess and evaluate highly complex operations and proactively manage the associated costs and opportunities,” said Vijay Minocha, Chief Commercial Officer for Solverminds Solutions and Technologies.

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