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Su-Nav Rolls Out Clean Drinking Water Technology


Su-Nav Rolls Out Sustainable Clean Water Technology to its Fleet

New technology from the Su-Nav Aeronero Innovation Centre will produce clean water from humidity and stop the use of 6,000 plastic bottles per year per vessel.

Chennai, August 19

Su-Nav, the integrated ship management company, has rolled out the latest sustainable, green product from its Su-Nav Aeronero Innovation Centre which will provide thousands of seafarers with pure drinking water, free from harmful bacteria and eliminating the use of plastic bottles.

The machine, which has been installed on three vessels, is especially designed for marine applications by considering the adverse conditions, internal operations in the vessel & inability for servicing/maintaining. It can generate 150 to 1000 litres of pure drinking water per day. Since it uses the humidity to produce water, the marine environment provides optimum conditions for its use. The stainless-steel body also ensures longevity for use at sea.

“The seafarers are forced to consume water from tanks or plastic bottles received from different countries which results in various potentially harmful microbes in the gut. There is also the possibility of water contamination from fresh water being loaded into our tanks,” said Sachit Sahoonja, CEO of Su-Nav.

“The use of plastic is extremely harmful to the environment, so our Innovation Centre has produced a machine that is plastic free, sustainable and produces unlimited clean drinking water. We estimate that we can save of tens of thousands of plastic water bottles per year across our growing fleet,” he added.

About Su-Nav Aeronero Innovation Centre:

“The Su-Nav Aeronero Innovation Centre is housed within our maritime academy. In addition to the research lab, we also have the production centre in the same campus. The researchers are highly qualified individuals in the field of innovation and have been on board our vessels to study the various areas of interest. Our clients have been highly supportive of this venture and without their support none of this would have gone ahead,” he added.

Durga Das, CEO of Aeronero & Head of Su-Nav Aeronero Innovation Centre said "Aeronero is delighted to embark on this journey with Su-Nav and we intend to bring about several key innovations from our Su-Nav Aeronero Innovation Center over the next few years. Water being an immediate challenge, we decided to address this as a priority and we believe we will bring relief to all seafarers with this green technology."

About Su-Nav

With offices in India, Singapore, China and Szczecin – Su-Nav Group offers global coverage and is uncompromising in its approach towards safety and the marine environment.

With an overarching focus on crew, vessel safety and care for the environment, Su-Nav Group provides a broad range of services to ship owners globally from offices in India and Singapore. We wish to become a global pioneer in technology, innovation, and services for worldwide vessel owners.

Our technical and marine team is always at the forefront to maintain the vessel in compliance with all regulatory requirement and operate the vessel to highest industry standards. This allows optimal utilization of the vessel by all stakeholders. Our trade maximisation program for geared bulk carriers is a unique program to ensure near zero downtime due to technical and cargo gear breakdowns.

Our approach to ship management is simple yet effective. We are able to give owners, the assurance for the maintenance status and cost-efficient operation of their vessels and support that with regular, transparent financial and operational reporting.

We believe what we do today has a substantial impact on the future of our planet.

In an effort to contribute to a better world for future generations, we conduct our business with the utmost care for the environment and the health & safety of our teams ashore and onboard.

We also provide owners with a range of varied vessel-related services, including but not limited to in-house manpower supply, training, accounting hub, project management and travel.

We are pleased to provide specific tailor-made solutions that meet your needs and expectations.

About Aeronero:

Aeronero is a for profit, social enterprise that offers holistic water management solutions. We are committed to solving the water crisis in the world through our innovative sustainable solutions that deliver water from air through our patented product range of Atmospheric Water Generators, treat waste water through our unique solutions MIST & RECLAIM.

Our Air water Generator range produces clean potable bacteria free water for industrial and domestic use from a specially designed patented loop. This device utilizes the unused water vapour from the surrounding air to produce pure drinking water as per World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) standards without any micro-plastic or microfiber anywhere with a relative humidity > 20%. The freshly condensed water goes through 4 filters, finally providing pure drinking water, complying with W.H.O. standards.

Please click below to download a copy of the press release

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